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"MXS Cylinder Kit ""GP90"" stroke=46mm AM6"

MXS Racing Item no.: MXSGP006

"MXS Cylinder Kit ""GP90"" stroke=46mm AM6"

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Maxiscoot and MXS Racing proudly present the result of many years of development: the MXS 90cc Cylinder Kit GP2 (46mm stroke) Minarelli AM6! And, as a matter of course, to be had for a very good price!

The MXS 90cc Cylinder Kit GP2 (46mm stroke) Minarelli AM6 has an original patented design and includes a 90cc cylinder (d=50mm / stroke=46mm).

Among the new developments for version GP2 - differently shaped exhaust ports and a newly designed combustion chamber for the cylinder head to boost the performance of the MXS cylinder kit even more. In combination with the right components, but without any additional modification, this kit can reach between 29 and 31hp. The special transfer port design will give you phenomenal torque of 18N·m - even in the low rpm range!

The MXS GP2 90cc cylinder is very powerful at take-off, has impressive acceleration and top speed. Thanks to well-thought-out design and the use of top quality materials this kit is also top-of-the-line regarding reliability and durability (manufactured in Europe).

The kit has to be combined with the MXS crankshaft GP 46mm stroke, the MXS exhaust GP90, a 30mm carburetor (38mm would be ideal), a high-end racing clutch with as many discs as possible, a racing transmission (Bidalot) and a digital inner rotor ignition (Stage6 R/T or Bidalot).


  • You'll have to mill in the front of your crankcase a little to make room for the connecting rod and the piston base (manual included)
  • It is possible to get even more power out of this kit by using a racing combustion chamber for the cylinder head that is sold separately (can only be run with high-octane fuel); the kit can now easily reach 31 / 32hp.

Courbes de Puissance cylindre culasse MXS GP2 90cc
Additional Information
Name "MXS Cylinder Kit ""GP90"" stroke=46mm AM6"
Item No. MXSGP006
Brand MXS Racing
Homologation No
Displacement 90cc
Stroke 46 mm
Conrod Length 90 mm
Product Line Hyper racing
Material Aluminium
Engine Type 2-stroke
Cooling Type LC
Bore 50 mm
Piston Pin 12 mm
Number of Piston Rings 1
Cylinder Head Included
Fits to (78)

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