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  • Cylindre culasse Stage6 70cc "Sport Pro" MBK Ovetto / Neo's
Cylindre culasse Stage6 70cc "Sport Pro" MBK Ovetto / Neo's
Artikel-Nr.: S6-7016600

Cylindre culasse Stage6 70cc "Sport Pro" MBK Ovetto / Neo's


With the brand Stage6 we can supply you with state-of-the-art aluminium cylinders made in Italy by Athena – for a price scarcely higher than what you normally have to pay for a conventional cast-iron cylinder. Due to the fact that we have the cylinders built directly by Athena, there is no intermediary involved who also wants a piece of the cake.

The Sport Pro is a sturdy daily use cylinder with a wide, trapezoidal exhaust port and comparatively tame exhaust port timing, which makes for excellent torque. There are not many cylinders powerful enough to stand the Pro’s pace of the line. Thermal advantages of aluminium cylinders should be known by now.

The cylinder comes with Asso piston with one piston ring, keeping down friction and therefore heat development. Depending on the model, the kit also includes a set of carbon reeds and base gaskets in different thicknesses to allow for adjusting port timing and squish clearance.
Fragen zum Produkt
Technische Details
Cylindre culasse Stage6 70cc "Sport Pro" MBK Ovetto / Neo's
SeriesSport Pro
Product familyCylinder Kits
Product typeCylinder kit
Tuning levelSport
Piston pin10 mm
Cylinder materialAluminium
Bore47,6 mm
Conrod lengthStandard
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