• Cylinder + CDI Forcemaster Malossi 290cc (d.74mm) Yamaha Xmax / X-City 250cc
Cylinder + CDI Forcemaster Malossi 290cc (d.74mm) Yamaha Xmax / X-City 250cc
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Cylinder + CDI Forcemaster Malossi 290cc (d.74mm) Yamaha Xmax / X-City 250cc

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Cylinder + CDI Forcemaster Malossi 290cc (d.74mm) Yamaha X-Max / X-City 250cc, aluminium cylinder from Malossi, to give your maxi scooter a powerful boost. The kit consists of cylinder, piston and gaskets and the Force Master 2 CDI, a cylinder head is not included, so keep your original head.

The powerful sports cylinder is made of high-quality aluminium with a resistant Nikasil coated liner; it is joined here by a Force Master 2. The tuning CDI has 3 curves or maps (or 4 if you set everything to 0), with which you can significantly influence injection parameters. The injection quantity can be adjusted to fit your your riding style and your engine setup. Each of the curves can also be manually adjusted by +/- 20%, giving you plenty of room for tuning and optimizing.

The actual cylinder, which by the way is also available without CDI, is characterized by excellent Malossi workmanship and minimal tolerances. The piston is compact and light, but at the same time extremely robust and with low expansion at high temperatures.

Torque is quite great, pull is correspondingly strong, and top speed is increased as well. Without cylinder head!

For air-cooled Yamaha 250cc 4-stroke engines (H314E).

Technical data:

  • Displacement: 287,29ccm
  • Bore: 74mm
  • Stroke: 66,8mm
  • Piston pin: 17mm
  • Compression: 1:11
Fragen zum Produkt
Technische Details
Cylinder + CDI Forcemaster Malossi 290cc (d.74mm) Yamaha Xmax / X-City 250cc
Product familyCylinder Kits
Product typeCylinder kit
Tuning levelSport
HomologationECE Homologation
Piston pin17 mm
Cylinder materialAluminium
Bore74 mm
Stroke67 mm
Conrod lengthStandard
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