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2-stroke oil Castrol
Castrol A747
2-stroke oil CastrolCastrol A747
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Castrol A747

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Castrol A747

Castrol A747 Racing Oil

Castrol's two-stroke engine oil Racing A747 is a high-performance oil for racing and extreme conditions. Castrol's lubricants are continuously developed to withstand the high loads of racing. The A 747 is a semi-synthetic 2-stroke racing engine oil, it is suitable for all types of 2-strokes racing engines.

Various additives ensure very little depositing in the combustion chamber, thus the oil ensures a clean combustion chamber, piston and spark plug.

Recommended mixing ratio

We recommend a mixture of 1:40. Please do not store and use the oil below 0°C, because at temperatures around freezing point the additives can separate from the oil. A 747 cannot be mixed with pure methanol or ethanol, so be careful! This oil is a high performance oil for racing, it is not suitable for everyday use.

Note: Not suitable for use in autolube systems and should not be mixed with other 2-stroke engine oils regardless of their type (e.g. mineral, biodegradable, synthetic).

Advantages Castrol Power1 A747 2-stroke Oil:

  • Reliable lubrication at high speeds and high temperatures
  • Low Ash, therefore no deposits in the cylinder, combustion chamber and spark plug
  • 2-stroke racing oil
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Warnungen und Hinweise

Bitte die Hinweise zur Altölverordnung beachten!

1 Classification of the substance or mixture

Product definition: Mixture
Classification according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]: Not classified.

2 Label elements
Signal word: No signal word.
Hazard statements: No particular effects or hazards known.

Safety Information
Prevention: Not applicable.
Reaction: Not applicable.
Storage: Not applicable.
Disposal:Not applicable.
Supplemental labeling elements: Not applicable.

EC Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH)
Annex XVII - Restriction on the manufacture, placing on the market and use of certain dangerous substances, mixtures and articles: Not applicable.

Special packaging requirements
Containers to be fitted with child-resistant closures: Not applicable.
Tactile warning: Not applicable.

3 Other hazards
Other hazards which do not result in classification: Has a skin-degreasing effect.

NOTE: If product is diluted with gasoline, it must be handled with the same care as gasoline. Before mixing, the necessary protective measures on the safety data sheet for gasoline should be taken into account.

Technische Details
Castrol A747
Gewicht1,03 kg
Product type2-stroke oil
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