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"Ipone Oil ""Katana Off Road"" 10W60 100% synthetic 1l"

Ipone Item no.: IP-KATANAOR-10W60/1L

"Ipone Oil ""Katana Off Road"" 10W60 100% synthetic 1l"


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Data Sheet
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100% synthetic motor oil "Katana" Off Road 10W60 by Ipone, 1l bottle.

Ester-based oil, originally developed for bikes such as Husqvarna or KTM requiring a viscosity index of 60 (operating temperature).


- viscosity 10W50 suitable for all temperatures
10W take-off "Winter" grade (below 10°C)
60 for (very) high operating temperatures

- reinforced formula for better lubrication of clutch and gearbox, no slippage

- more mileage and fewer oil changes as it has little viscosity loss

Katana Off Road 10W50, ester-based and reinforced with stabilizing additives, for protecting your engine and extending engine life.

Data Sheet

Name "Ipone Oil ""Katana Off Road"" 10W60 100% synthetic 1l"
Item No. IP-KATANAOR-10W60/1L
Brand Ipone
Use Lubricant
Viscosity 100% Synthetic, 10W60

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