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Deli Tire Trail SB107 110/80-18"TT 58P

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CGN Item no.: CGN461004

Deli Tire Trail SB107 110/80-18"TT 58P

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Staying on the road is simply too boring for you? Then you will obviously need all-terrain tires: Deli Tire "Trail" 110/80-18 SB107 TT 58P.

It is a versatile all-terrain tire, suited to on-road and off-road use, and it is street-legal (CE homologation).

Make sure to order the right size!

Additional Information
Name Deli Tire Trail SB107 110/80-18"TT 58P
Item No. CGN461004
Brand CGN
Size 18 ”
Width 110 mm
Tire Height 80 mm
Code (weight/km/h) 58P (236kg/150km/h)
Use All-Terrain
Fits to (324)

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