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Yamaha OEM Parts miscellaneous Yamaha BW's / Booster

Pièces détachées origine Yamaha divers Yamaha BW's / Booster OE-MAL5RH-E3100-00 OE-MAL5RH-E3100-00 OE-MAL98507-05014 OE-MAL98507-05014 OE-MAL5FX-E2653-00 OE-MAL5FX-E2653-00 OE-MAL90167-03X04 OE-MAL90167-03X04 OE-MAL3VL-E2611-01 OE-MAL3VL-E2611-01 OE-MAL90170-10011 OE-MAL90170-10011 OE-MAL92990-10600 OE-MAL92990-10600 OE-MAL3VL-E5462-00 OE-MAL3VL-E5462-00 OE-MAL3VLE317800 OE-MAL3VLE317800 OE-MAL99009-19400 OE-MAL99009-19400 OE-MAL98507-06016 OE-MAL4SB-E5650-00 OE-MAL4SB-E5650-00 OE-MAL3VL-E5659-10 OE-MAL3VL-E5659-10 OE-MAL90110-06X82 OE-MAL90110-06X82 OE-MAL90201-08088 OE-MAL90201-08088 OE-MAL1TK-E5481-00 OE-MAL1TK-E5481-00 OE-MAL5BM-H1800-01 OE-MAL5BM-H1800-01 OE-MAL5BM-H1800-01
Data Sheet
Suitable for (32)

Click on any spare part on the image to find the suitable product:

  • Oil Pump - original Yamaha Booster / Stunt



  • Screw TCCE M5x14 (x1) - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Cooling Fan Cover - original Yamaha Booster / Stunt



  • Screws + Washer TCCE M6x16 for cooling fan cover - original Yamaha Booster / Stunt



  • Cooling Fan - original Yamaha Booster / Stunt



  • Variator Nut M10x1.25 - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Washer 10.5x18x2 ignition-side - original Yamaha Aerox / Nitro



  • Ignition Stator Gasket (paper) - original Yamaha Booster / Stunt



  • Oil Pump Pinion Gear MBK Nitro / Booster OEM quality



  • Pinion Gear Circlips Oil Pump - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Screws TCCE M6x16 - original Yamaha BW's / Slider / MBK



  • Pinion Gear Electric Starter - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Kickstart Pinion Gear Shaft - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Screws TCCE M6x12 - original Yamaha Booster / Stunt



  • Washer for Electric Starter - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Transmission Cover Bolt TCCE M.6x20 (x1) - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's



  • Electric Starter - original Yamaha Aerox / BW's




You can find numerous OEM parts in our shop, such as original spare parts by Yamaha, for Yamaha and MBK (identical makes). If you own a Yamaha BW's or MBK Booster and want to replace a damaged, worn or missing part with an original spare part by Yamaha - we have it! Cylinder, ignition, kickstarter, water pump, variator etc. - we carry everything, plus all the small parts without whom an engine would be useless, such as bearings, spacers, washers, circlips, hoses and more. With these Yamaha OEM parts you can repair or restore your scooter to 100% original factory condition.

Data Sheet

Name Yamaha OEM Parts miscellaneous Yamaha BW's / Booster
Brand Yamaha
Homologation No

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:

Adly (Her Chee)

Rapido 50cc


Amico 50cc AC (1991 - 1992)

Amico 50cc ac (after 1993)

Amico GL 50cc AC

Amico Sport 50cc AC

SR 50cc AC (before 1994) - Minarelli vertical


Pista 2 50cc AC

Pista 50cc AC

Scoop 50cc


Booster 50cc AC (1992 - 1999)

Booster 50cc AC (after 2004)

Booster Next 50cc AC (after 1999)

Booster Next 50cc AC (before 1999)

Booster One 50cc until 2013

Booster Rocket 50cc AC

Booster Spirit 50cc AC (before 2004)

Booster Track 50cc AC

Stunt 50cc AC

Stunt 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

Stunt Naked 50cc AC


BW's 50cc AC

BW's 50cc AC (after 2004)

BW's Bump 50cc AC

BW's Easy 50cc 2013

BW's NG 50cc AC (after 1999)

BW's NG 50cc AC (before 1999)

Slider 50cc AC (before 2004)

Slider 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

Spy 50cc AC

Target 50cc

Zuma 50cc AC

Zuma II 50cc AC

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