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Brake disc Galfer Extreme Wave, D32

Galfer Item no.: GLDF32R

Brake disc Galfer Extreme Wave, D32


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Data Sheet
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The Galfer Extreme brake rotors offer radical deceleration characteristics coupled with an amazingly stylish look. The slots that have been milled into the disc surface provide extraordinary brake performance. This will, however, also result in early wearing of the brake linings, which is why we recommend sintered brake pads for achieving optimal brake characteristics and low wear.

If you are not sure, which disc you need, you can download the brake information pages of our catalogue:
Page 155
Page 156
Page 157
Note that in the product codes, 'S' stands for brake pads (i.e. for disc brakes), 'T' for brake shoes (i.e. for drum brakes), and 'D' stands for discs.

Disc type: D32

Over the years, scooter manufacturers have often changed the design of brakes. Before ordering, please check whether the brake disc will fit your model/ year of construction at the front/ rear. Simply use the catalogue as a reference. It will also help you to decide whether you have the right pads for your scoot.

Data Sheet

Name Brake disc Galfer Extreme Wave, D32
Item No. GLDF32R
Brand Galfer
Homologation No
Size 190 mm

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


Bali 50cc AC - Honda


Bingo / Tennessee 50cc (before 2003)

Bravo 50cc

Hussar 50cc AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm)

Hussar 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm)

Popcorn 50c AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm)

Popcorn 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm)

Explorer (ATU)

Cracker 50cc 2-stroke

Race GT50 2-stroke AC

Race GT50 Limited 2-stroke AC

Race GT50 Sondermodell EM 2012

Twister 50cc


GSP 50cc LC


Cracker 50cc

Cracker 50cc 4-stroke

Race 2 50cc 2-stroke

Race 2 50cc 4-stroke

Race 50cc 2-stroke


Bali 50cc AC



Booster Next 50cc AC (before 1999)

Nitro 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

Nitro 50cc LC (after 1999)

Nitro 50cc LC (after 2013)

Nitro 50cc LC (before 1999)

Nitro 100cc 2-stroke

Nitro Naked 50cc LC

Nitro Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

Stunt 50cc AC

Stunt 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

Stunt Naked 50cc AC

Moto Bi

Remini 50cc 4-stroke


Magnet 50cc 4-stroke

Yoyo 50cc 4-stroke

MuZ / MZ

Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke after 2003

Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke temps (until 2002)

Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003)

Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)

Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003)

Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)


T-Rex 50cc AC


B-05 50cc 2-stroke

B-08 50cc 2-stroke


GTX 50


Triton 50cc 2-stroke

ZIP 50cc 2-stroke


Aerox 4 50cc 4-stroke

Aerox 50cc LC (after 1999)

Aerox 50cc LC (before 1999)

Aerox 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Aerox 100cc 2-stroke

Aerox Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

Aerox Naked 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Aerox R 50cc LC (after 2013)

Axis 50cc AC

BW's NG 50cc AC (after 1999)


RX8 50cc 2-stroke

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