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Malossi Crankcase RC-One Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro

Malossi Item no.: M5716668

Malossi Crankcase RC-One Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro


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Malossi has taken the design of performance parts to the next level. The introduction of their Malossi Crankcase Kit RC-One has revolutionized scooter tuning by presenting innovative technology ready to house the latest and newest racing components.

To date, riders were forced to equip their tuned racing scooters with original or OEM quality crankcases that were designed for limited power and performance. They had to modify these crankcases so they were capable of dealing with the requirements and strain of 70cc and more powerful engines. But times are a-changing, and Malossi's RC-One crankcase, developed and manufactured in Malossi's Research & Development centre, represents a milestone in building the ultimate racing engine.

Malossi basically started from scratch, discarding traditional concepts in crankcase design, and came up with a completely redesigned transfer and inlet port area with short stud bolts while at the same time increasing structural rigidity.

Special attention was paid to the reed valve area - employing the newest CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, Malossi engineers were able to calculate and design optimum angles and dimensions for reed valve placement.

They got rid of auto-lubrication and traditional water pump technology in order to minimize power loss, a pre-drilled opening allows for the use of a vacuum fuel pump. The opening for the electric starter was closed. Shock absorber mounting was redesigned and reinforced.

The RC-One for Minarelli is based on the RC-One for Piaggio; this means that you'll have to use Piaggio components. You can use standard Yamaha / MBK wheels with disc brake. The RC-One was designed for the Malossi cylinders with special 'flange mount' system (Testa Rossa).

If you are into high-end equipment - this is it!

Technical specifications:

  • Material: die-cast aluminium silicon alloy
  • Weight: 5.15kg
  • Spacing crankshaft - primary shaft: 270mm
  • Stud bolt spacing: 48x48mm
  • Crankshaft bearing: 20x47x14mm
  • Wheel axle bearing: 20x47x14mm
  • Needle bearing for transmission cover: 16x22x12mm
  • 360° manifold for VHST and PWK carburetors
  • Reed valve: VL18
  • Cylinder base seat: 61mm
  • Pump casing bore: 78mm
  • Stud bolts: 8.8 tempered steel

Suitable for: Minarelli horizontal long

Data Sheet

Name Malossi Crankcase RC-One Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro
Item No. M5716668
Brand Malossi

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


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Gulliver 50cc AC

Gulliver 50cc LC

Rally 50cc AC

Rally 50cc LC

SR 50cc AC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc LC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc Netscaper LC - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc Racing LC (before 2000) Minarelli

SR 50cc Stealth LC - Minarelli horiz.

SR 50cc WWW AC (after 2000) Minarelli engine

SR 50cc WWW AC - before Minarelli engine

Scarabeo 50cc AC (after 1998)

Scarabeo 50cc AC (before 1998)


491 50cc GT AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc RR LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc RR Replica LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc ST LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

491 50cc Sport LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

K2 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

K2 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

Naked 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.

Pepe 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz.


Ark 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

Ark 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

Chrono 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

Eikon 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz.

Quadra 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.

Tempo 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz.


Dragster 50cc LC


Ark 50cc AC

Ark 50cc LC

Chrono 50cc AC

Go 50cc AC

Quadra 50cc AC

Tempo 50cc AC


Florett 50cc AC

Flory 50cc AC


Equalis 50cc AC

Flipper 50cc AC

Forte 50cc AC

MachG 50cc AC

MachG 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

MachG 50cc LC (before 2003)

Nitro 50cc CAT LC (after 2003)

Nitro 50cc LC (after 1999)

Nitro 50cc LC (after 2013)

Nitro 50cc LC (before 1999)

Nitro Naked 50cc LC

Nitro Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

Ovetto 50cc AC 2008

Ovetto 50cc AC before 2008

Ovetto One 50cc (after 2013)

Sorriso 50cc AC (after 1996)


Centro 50cc (until 2008) (Minarelli-engine)

Centro 50cc AC

F12 Phantom 50cc AC

F12 Phantom 50cc AC (after 2004)

F12 Phantom 50cc LC

F12 Phantom 50cc LC (after 2004)

F12 Phantom R 50cc AC

F12 Phantom R 50cc LC

F15 Firefox 50cc AC (after 2004)

F15 Firefox 50cc LC

F15 Firefox 50cc LC (after 2004)

Yesterday 50cc AC


RS Sport 50cc AC


Aerox 50cc LC (after 1999)

Aerox 50cc LC (before 1999)

Aerox 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Aerox Naked 50cc LC (after 2013)

Aerox Naked 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Aerox R 50cc LC (after 2013)

Axis 50cc AC

Jog R 50cc AC

Jog RR 50cc LC (before 2003)

Jog RR 50cc LC CAT (after 2003)

Neo's 50cc AC 2008

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