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Battery pack Motoforce, 12V 5Ah, maintenance free (dealer offer: 1 box = 10 pieces)

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MotoForce Item no.: MF01.001/10

Battery pack Motoforce, 12V 5Ah, maintenance free (dealer offer: 1 box = 10 pieces)

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About 98% of all 50cc scooters use a YB4LB-type battery of 112mm x 68 x 90mm size (please check before ordering). We can now offer these batteries, maintenance-free (ready for use, sealed) and with 5Ah (which is 1Ah up on most standard battery ratings). More power and less hassle, never needs topping up again. Available at an excellent price!
Size: L112xW68xH90mm
Additional Information
Name Battery pack Motoforce, 12V 5Ah, maintenance free (dealer offer: 1 box = 10 pieces)
Item No. MF01.001/10
Brand MotoForce
Voltage 12 Volts
Fits to (1240)

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:

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Classic 50cc, K50, Level 100 50cc 4 stroke (ZS50QT), Race 2 stroke AC, Race GT 50 (after 2010), Race GT 50 (until 2009), Spin GE50 2 stroke AC

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AF1 50cc (AM6), Amico 50cc AC (1991 - 1992), Amico 50cc ac (after 1993), Amico GL 50cc AC, Amico Sport 50cc AC, Area 51 LC, Atlantic 200cc (Piaggio M234M), Atlantic 500cc, Atlantic Arrecife 125cc, Atlantic Arrecife 250cc (Piaggio M237M), Atlantic Arrecife 500cc Sprint (Piaggio M273M), Atlantic Arrecife 500cc i.e. Sprint (after 2005) (ZD4VL), Gulliver 50cc AC, Gulliver 50cc LC, Habana 50cc AC (before 1999), Habana 125cc 4-stroke, Leonardo 125cc 4-stroke LC, Leonardo 150cc 4-stroke LC, Leonardo 250cc 4-stroke LC, Leonardo 300cc 4-stroke LC, MOJITO 125 4-stroke before 2003, MX 50cc (AM6), Mojito 50cc (1999 - 2004), Mojito Custom 50cc (Piaggio engine), RS 50cc (AM6) - (after 1999), RS 50cc (AM6) - (before 1999), RX 50cc (AM6), RX Enduro 50 (until 2003 AM6), Rally 50cc AC, Rally 50cc LC, SR 50cc AC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz., SR 50cc AC (before 1994) - Minarelli vertical, SR 50cc Di-Tech (after 07/2003) - Piaggio Engine, SR 50cc Di-Tech (before 07/2003) - Aprilia Engine, SR 50cc Funmaster LC (after 07/2003) - Piaggio engine, SR 50cc Funmaster LC (after 2000) - Aprilia Engine, SR 50cc LC (1994 - 1997) - Minarelli horiz., SR 50cc Netscaper LC - Minarelli horiz., SR 50cc R Factory i.e. LC (after '05) Aprilia Engine, SR 50cc R Factory i.e. LC (after 2005) - Piaggio Engine, SR 50cc R LC (after 2005) - Piaggio Engine, SR 50cc Racing LC (after 07/2003) - Piaggio Engine, SR 50cc Racing LC (after 2000) - Aprilia Engine, SR 50cc Racing LC (before 2000) Minarelli, SR 50cc Sport LC (after 07/2003) - Piaggio Engine, SR 50cc Sport LC (after 2000) - Aprilia Engine, SR 50cc Stealth LC - Minarelli horiz., SR 50cc Street LC (after 07/2003) - Moteur Piaggio, SR 50cc WWW AC (after 2000) Minarelli engine, SR 50cc WWW AC - before Minarelli engine, SR 125cc 2-stroke, SR 150cc 2-stroke, SR Motard 50cc (after 2011), Scarabeo 50cc AC (2005-2006) (Piaggio engine), Scarabeo 50cc AC (Piaggio Engine Di-Tech), Scarabeo 50cc AC (after 1998), Scarabeo 50cc AC (before 1998), Scarabeo 100cc (2-stroke), Scarabeo 100cc (4-stroke), Scarabeo 125cc (Piaggio), Scarabeo 125cc (Rotax), Scarabeo 150cc (Rotax), Scarabeo 200cc (Rotax), Scarabeo 250cc (Piaggio M285M), Scarabeo 500cc, Sonic 50cc AC, Sonic 50cc LC, Sport City ONE 50cc (2 stroke), Sportcity 125cc (PIAGGIO M281M) , Sportcity 200cc euro3 (PIAGGIO M288M) , Sportcity 250cc i.e. euro3 (PIAGGIO M288M) , Sportcity ONE 50cc (4-stroke), Sportcity Street 50cc

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Dio G 50cc AC - Honda, Dio SP 50cc AC - Honda, Dio SR 50cc AC - Honda, Dio ZX 50cc AC - Honda, SFX 50cc AC - Honda, SGX Sky 50cc AC - Honda, SH 50cc AC (after 1996) - Honda, Shadow 50cc AC - Honda, X8R-X 50cc AC - Honda

BE500 50cc 4-stroke, Retro 50cc, Retro RT 50cc, Suncity SC 50cc 4-stroke VIN LWGT

BT49QT-3 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-6A1 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-6A4 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-6B1 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-6B4 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-9R1 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-9R3 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-9S1 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-9S3 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-12C1 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-12G 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-18C1 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke, BT49QT-20A2 50cc 4-stroke, BT49QT-20C 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke, BT49QT-28A 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke, BT49QT 7 - 4-stroke, BT49QT 50cc AC 4 stroke, BT 50cc AC - 4-stroke, Eagle 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-9F1), Eagle 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-9F3), Falcon 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-2C), Hero 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12D), Rebel 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12A1), Retro 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-11), Retro 50cc 4-stroke (BT50QT-11), Rocky 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12E), Tanco 50 - 4-stroke (BT49QT-12F), Tiger 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12P1)

Veloce 50cc, Veloce GT 50cc

491 50cc GT AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., 491 50cc RR LC (after 2003) - Morini, 491 50cc RR LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., 491 50cc RR Replica LC (after 2003) - Morini, 491 50cc RR Replica LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., 491 50cc ST AC (after 2003) - Morini, 491 50cc ST LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., 491 50cc Sport LC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., Adiva 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Adiva 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER), K2 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz., K2 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz., K2 100cc 2-stroke, Naked 50cc AC (after 2003) - Morini, Naked 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., Pepe 50cc AC (after 2003) - Morini, Pepe 50cc AC (before 2003) - Minarelli horiz., Pepe LX 50cc, QuattronoveX (49X) 50cc 2-stroke AC, Velvet 125cc 4-stroke LC, Velvet 150cc 4-stroke LC, Velvet 250cc 4-stroke LC

GT 50cc 2-stroke, K2 50cc 2-stroke, Retro 50cc 4-stroke, Speedy 50cc 2-stroke, Speedy 50cc 4-stroke

Formula 2000 50cc 4-stroke (YY50QT-6A), Formula 3000 50cc 4 stroke, Retro Star 50cc 4-stroke (YY50QT-15), YY50QT 4-stroke

Ark 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz., Ark 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz., Chrono 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz., EIKON 125 4-stroke LC, EIKON 150 4-stroke LC, Eikon 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz., Quadra 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz., RR Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular), RR SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular), Tempo 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz., Velvet Dusk 400cc

Fox 50cc AC - Minarelli horiz. CPI, Rex 50c AC - Minarelli horiz. CPI, Silver 50cc - 4-stroke, Speedy 50cc - 4-stroke, TVZ 50cc - 4-stroke, Tanco 50cc - 4-stroke, Warrior 50cc - 4-stroke, Wind 50cc - 4-stroke, ZX 50cc - 4-stroke

Astro Enduro 50cc (DERBI), Lobito SM 50cc (DERBI)

Aragon 50cc, Aragon 125cc, Aragon GP 50cc, Bingo / Tennessee 50cc (before 2003), Bravo 50cc, Formular R 50cc, Freaky 50cc, GTR 50cc LC - Minarelli horiz., Hussar 50cc AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm), Hussar 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm), Oliver 50cc AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm), Oliver 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm), Oliver City 50cc AC 2-stroke (12mm) (after 2005), Oliver Sport 50cc AC 2-stroke (12mm) (after 2005), Popcorn 50c AC (after 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 12mm), Popcorn 50cc AC (before 2003) - Min horiz. (pin 10mm)

City 50cc AC - Morini, Progress 50cc AC - Morini

Classic 50cc, Cordi 50cc, Delfino 50cc, E-Five 50cc, Message 50cc, Otello 125cc, S-Five 50cc, S2 125cc i.e., Tapo 50cc, Typhoon-X 125cc, U3 125cc, Vivo 50cc

Diamondback 50cc 4-stroke

Atlantis 50cc AC (after 06/2002) - Piaggio, Atlantis 50cc AC (before 06/2002) - Morini, Atlantis 50cc LC (after 06/2002) - Piaggio, Atlantis 50cc LC (before 06/2002) - Morini, Boulevard 50cc, Boulevard 125cc 4-stroke (Leader), Boulevard 150cc 4-stroke (Leader), Bullet 50cc AC - Piaggio, GP1 125cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2-3, GP1 250cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2-3, GP 1 Open 50cc, GP 1 Racing 50cc, GP 1 Replica 50cc, GP 1 Revolution 50cc, GPR 50cc (1998 - 2001), GPR 50cc R - Replica (2001 - 2004), GPR 50cc Racing 2004 (EBS050), GSM 50cc (Morini engine), Hunter 50cc AC - Morini, Paddok 50cc AC - Morini, Paddok 50cc LC - Morini, Predator 50cc AC - Morini, Predator 50cc LC - Morini, Senda 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular), Senda 2000 50cc (before 2004) - (perimeter) Euro2, Senda DRD SM (before 2000) - (tubular), Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular), Senda SM 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular), Senda X-Race Trail (before 2000) - (tubular), Senda X-Trem SM (before 2000) - (tubular), Vamos 50cc AC - Morini, Variant Sport 50cc

Classic 50cc 4-stroke, F8 50cc 2-stroke

T.Rex 50cc AC

Retro Star 50cc 4-stroke

Viper RXL 50cc

Red Wing 50cc 4-stroke, Silver Fox 50cc 4-stroke, Sprint 50cc 4-stroke

Race GT 50 (as from 2010)

Explorer (ATU)
Cracker 50cc 2-stroke, Level 100 50cc 4-stroke (ZS50QT), Race GT50 2-stroke AC, Race GT50 Sondermodell EM 2012, Spin GE50 2-stroke AC, Twister 50cc

Flex Tech
Dolphin 50cc 4-stroke, Fun 50cc 4-stroke, Hurrican X1 50cc 4-stroke (JL50QT-4), Hurrican X2 50cc 4-stroke (YY50QT-26), Speedy 50cc 4-stroke, Sprint-10 50cc 4-stroke (SK50QT-A), Sprint-12 50cc 4-stroke (SK50QT-B), Topdrive 50cc 4-stroke (YY50QT-14), Topspeed 50cc 4 stroke, Venus 2 50cc 4-stroke, Venus 50cc 4-stroke

Fly Scooters
IL Bello 50cc 4-stroke

Xò 50cc 2-stroke

Cracker 50cc, Ideo 50cc AC, Jump 50cc 2-stroke, Onxy 50cc 2-stroke, Race 50cc 2-stroke, Roc 50cc, SoHo 125cc 4-stroke, Spin GE 50cc, Stroke 50cc, Toxic 50cc 2-stroke, Trigger SM 50cc (AM6), Trigger X-Enduro 50cc (AM6), XOR 2 50cc 2-stroke, XOR 50cc AC, XOR 125cc 4-stroke

DNA 50cc LC, DNA 125cc 2-stroke, Eaglet 50cc (Morini), Easy Moving 50cc AC, GSM 50cc (DERBI), H@K Euduro 50cc (DERBI), Ice 50cc AC, Nexus 500cc 4-stroke LC, RCR Enduro 50 (until 2005 EBS050) (tubular), Runner 50cc LC (1999 - 2000), Runner 50cc LC (after 2004), Runner 50cc LC (before 1999), Runner 50cc LC CAT (after 2001), Runner FX 125cc 2-stroke LC, Runner FXR 180cc 2-stroke LC, Runner Purejet 50cc LC (before 08/2004), Runner SP 50cc LC (after 08/2004), Runner ST 125cc ST (after 2009), Runner ST 200cc (after 2009), Runner VX 125cc 4-stroke (after 2005), Runner VX 125cc 4-stroke LC (before 2005), Runner VXR 180cc 4-stroke LC, Runner VXR 200cc 4-stroke LC after 2005, Runner VXR 200cc 4-stroke LC before 2005, SMT SM 50cc (DERBI) - (tubular), Stalker 50cc AC (after 1999), Stalker 50cc AC (before 1999), Stalker Naked 50cc, Storm 50cc AC, Typhoon 50cc AC (before 2011), Typhoon 125cc 2-stroke, Typhoon X 50cc AC (before 2011), Zulu Enduro 50cc (DERBI)

Gorilla Motor Works
Black Jack 50cc 4-stroke, Jet 50cc 4-stroke, RX-50cc 4-stroke

HT50QT-26 50cc 4-stroke

@ 125cc 4-stroke LC (NES), @ 150cc 4-stroke LC (NES), Bali 100cc 2-stroke, CN Helix 250cc, Dio Clean 4 you 50cc - 4-stroke, Dio G 50cc AC, Dio SP 50cc AC, Dio SR 50cc AC, Dio ZX 50cc (1994) (AF34 / AF35 horiz.), Dylan 125cc 4-stroke LC (SES), Dylan 150cc 4-stroke LC (SES), Foresight 250cc 4 stroke LC (1997-1999) (FES MF04), Forza X 250cc 4-stroke LC, Jazz 250cc LC - 4-stroke, Lead 50cc AC, Lead 100cc SCV100 2003-07 (JF11), Pantheon 125cc i.e. after 2003 (FES - JF12), Pantheon 150cc i.e. after 2003 (FES - KF06) , Reflex 250cc LC - 4-stroke, Ruckus 50cc - 4-stroke, SFX 50cc AC, SGX SKY 50cc AC, SH / Scoopy 150cc 4-stroke LC, SH 50cc AC (after 1996), SH 100cc 2-stroke, SH 125cc i.e. 4-stroke LC, SH 150i (2005-2012), SXR 50cc AC, Scoopy 50cc, Shadow 50cc AC, Silver Wing 400cc 4-stroke LC, Silver Wing 600cc 4-stroke LC, Vision 50cc 2 stroke AC, Vision 50cc 4-stroke, Zoomer 50cc, Zoomer 250cc LC - 4-stroke

HT50QT-6, HT50QT-7, HT50QT-9, HT50QT-10, HT50QT-16, HT50QT-22, HT50QT-25, HT50QT-26, HT50QT-36, HT250T 250cc

CH Racing 50cc (AM6), SM Cross 50cc (AM6), WR 50cc (until 2000 AM6), WRS 50cc 2-stroke LC (Derbi), WSM 50cc after 2000

Avanti 50cc, SB 50cc Gamma 2-stroke, SF 50cc 2-stroke, SF 50cc B Racing 2-stroke, SF 50cc R Rally 2-stroke, Sense SD 50cc, Super Cab 50cc, SuperFast 50cc

Dragster 50cc LC, Dragster 125cc 2-stroke LC, Dragster 180cc 2-stroke LC, Formula 50cc AC, Formula 50cc LC, Formula 125cc, Jet Set 50cc AC, Jet Set 50cc AC - 4-stroke, Jet Set 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Jet Set 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Jupiter 125cc 4-stroke LC, Jupiter 150cc 4-stroke LC, Jupiter 250cc 4-stroke LC, Millenium 100cc 2-stroke, Millenium 125cc 4-stroke LC, Millenium 150cc 4-stroke LC, Millenium 250cc 4-stroke LC, Pista 2 50cc AC, Pista 50cc AC, Scoop 50cc, Torpedo 50cc AC - 4-stroke, Torpedo 50cc AC - Morini, Torpedo 50cc AC - Piaggio, Torpedo 125cc 4-stroke, Torpedo 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Torpedo 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Velocifero 50cc AC, Yankee 50cc

Cool 50cc, PT 50cc

Jack Fox
Speed Fox S 50cc

City Star (YY50QT), Eco Fox 50cc, Formula 2000 (YY50QT-6A), Formular 3000 50cc, GT3 50cc 2-stroke, GT5.2 50cc 2-stroke, GT 50cc 4-stroke, Retro Star (YY50QT-15), Speed Fox 50cc 4-stroke

JL50QT 50cc 4 stroke

Accipiter 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-21C), Airbus 50 [JSD50QT-18], Aquila 50cc [JSD50QT-21], BMS 50cc [JSD50QT-3], Breeze 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-13), Eagle 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-21), Falcon 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-21A), Nabs 50cc (JSD50QT-12), New Sunny S1 50cc (JSD50QT-13), New Testa 50cc (JSD50QT), Princess 50cc (JSD50QT-9B), Sunfire Racing 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-27), Sunny 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-27), Sunny S1 50cc [JSD50QT-13], Sunny S2 50cc [JSD50QT-13], Sunny S4 50cc [JSD50QT-13], Sunny S5 50cc [JSD50QT-13], Sunny S6 50cc [JSD50QT-13], Testa 50cc (JSD50QT), Z-Bike 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-15), Zeus 50cc 4-stroke (JSD50QT-15C), Zeus B12 50cc [JSD50QT-9B] (2-Takt)

Warrior 50cc (2-stroke), Warrior 50cc (4-stroke)

Ark 50cc AC, Ark 50cc LC, Chrono 50cc AC, Go 50cc AC, Quadra 50cc AC, Tempo 50cc AC

K50cc 2-stroke

KM 50cc 4-stroke

Agora 50cc 2-stroke, Arn 50cc 2-stroke, Arn 125cc 4-stroke, Easy 50cc 2-stroke after 2009, F-Act 50cc, F-Act 50cc 2-stroke after 2009, F-Act NKD Naked 50cc 2-stroke, F-Act Racing SP 50cc 2-stroke after 2009, Flash 50cc, Focus 50cc, Focus 125cc 4-stroke, Goccia 50cc, Hacker 50cc, Hurricane 50cc, Matrix 50cc, Matrix 125cc 4-stroke, Matrix SP (V3) 50cc 2-stroke (2007-2008), Matrix SP (V4) 50cc 2-stroke (after 2009), Outlook 125cc 4-stroke AC, Pixel 50cc 2-stroke after 2009, RX8 50cc, RY6 50cc, RY8 50cc, RY8 EVO 50cc 2-stroke, RY8 Racing 50cc 2-stroke, RY8 SP 50cc 2-stroke, Swan 50cc, Venus 50cc 2-stroke

Florett 2.0 RS 50cc AC, Florett 50cc AC, Florett RMC E 50cc, Flory 50cc 4-stroke, Flory 50cc AC, Flory Classic 50cc4 stroke, Galactica 2.0 50cc AC, Galactica 2.0 RC 50cc AC, Galactica 2.0 RS DD 50cc, Hiker 2.0 50cc, Hiker 50cc, Jigger 50cc 2-stroke, Jigger City 50cc 4-stroke, RMC F 125cc, Vabene 50cc

Agility 50cc 4-stroke (KG10SA), Agility 125cc 4-stroke euro3 (KN25) , Agility Basic 50cc 4-stroke (KD10SH), Agility Carry 50cc 4-stroke (KG10DA), Agility City 50cc 4-stroke (KL10BA), Agility MMC 50cc 4-stroke (KG10C), Agility One 50cc 4-stroke (KG10SD), Agility RS 50cc 2-stroke (KE10BA), Agility RS 50cc 4-stroke (KG10S), Agility RS Naked 50cc 2-stroke (KE10BB), Bet & Win 50cc, Bet & Win 125cc 4-stroke LC, Bet & Win 150cc 4-stroke LC, Bet & Win 250cc 4-stroke LC, Calypso 50cc 2-stroke AC (SB10AC), Cobra 50cc AC, Curio CX 50cc 2-stroke (SA10AJ) , DJ 50cc 2-stroke (SA10AA), DJ Refined 50cc 2-stroke (SA10ED), DJ S 50cc 4-stroke (KG10B), Dink - Grand Dink 125cc 4-stroke LC, Dink - Grand Dink 150cc 4-stroke LC, Dink 50cc AC, Dink 200cc 4-stroke LC (SH40A), Dink 250cc 4-stroke (Bet & Win), Fever 1 50cc ZX50 KCA (SA10AL), Fever 2 50cc ZXII Super Fever (SC10A), Filly 50cc 4-stroke (SD10AC), Grand Dink 50cc 2-stroke AC (SF10JA), Grand Dink 50cc 2-stroke AC (SF10JB), Grand Dink 125cc 4-stroke (SH25DA), Heroism 50cc 2-stroke AC (SB10AC), K12 50cc AC, KB 50cc (Meteorit Scout), Like 50cc 2-stroke AC (KE10AA), Like 50cc 4-stroke (KG10AA), Meteorit 50cc 2-stroke, Mxer 50cc, Nexxon 50cc 4-stroke, People 50cc 2-stroke AC, People 250cc 4 stroke, People S 50cc 4-stroke, People S 125cc Euro3 4-stroke (BA25BA), Sento 50cc 4-stroke, Sento 50cc i.e. 4-stroke, Sniper 50cc AC, Spacer 50cc AC, Spacer 125cc 4-stroke, Spacer 150cc 4-stroke, Super 8 50cc 2-stroke AC, Super 8 50cc 4-stroke, Super 9 50cc 2-stroke AC, Super 9 50cc 2-stroke LC, Super 9 Sport 50cc 2-stroke AC , Top Boy 50cc AC, Vitality 50cc AC, Vitality 50cc LC - 4-stroke (Euro 2), Vitality Cross 50cc AC 2 stroke, Vivio 125cc 4-stroke, Vivio 150cc 4-stroke, Xciting 250cc 4-stroke LC euro2 (SA50AA), Xciting 500cc 4-stroke LC euro2 (SAA0), Yager / Spacer 125cc (10 Inch - SH25AA), Yager 50cc AC, Yager GT 50cc 4-stroke, Yager GT 125cc Euro 3 (SH25EA), Yager GT 200cc i.e., Yup 50cc 2-stroke AC, Yup 250cc 4-stroke LC (SH 50 D)

Cali Classic 50cc 4-stroke

Quasar 50cc AC

Metro 50cc 4 stroke, S-Force 50cc 2 stroke, S-Ray 50cc (2 stroke), S-Ray 50cc (4 stroke)

LB50QT-6 50cc 4-stroke

Digita 50cc 2-stroke, Estate 50cc 2-stroke, Excatly 50cc (2 stroke), F1 50cc 2-stroke, Firefox 50cc 2-stroke, Grido 50cc 2-stroke, LJ50QT-E 50cc 4-stroke, LJ50QT-F 50cc 2-stroke, LJ50QT-K 50cc 2-stroke, Speedjet-Evo 50cc 2-stroke, Trevis 50cc 2-stroke, Two Liquid 50cc 2-stroke, Versus 50cc 2-stroke

Booster 50cc AC (1992 - 1999), Booster 50cc AC (after 2004), Booster 100cc 2-stroke, Booster Next 50cc AC (after 1999), Booster Next 50cc AC (before 1999), Booster Rocket 50cc AC, Booster Spirit 50cc AC (before 2004), Booster Track 50cc AC, Doodo 125cc 4-stroke LC, Doodo 150cc 4-stroke LC, Equalis 50cc AC, Evolis 50cc AC, Fizz 50cc AC, Flame-X 125cc, Flame 125cc 4-stroke, Flipper 50cc AC, Forte 50cc AC, Kilibre 300cc 4-stroke LC (H314E), MachG 50cc AC, MachG 50cc LC (before 2003), Nitro 50cc CAT LC (after 2003), Nitro 50cc LC (after 1999), Nitro 50cc LC (after 2013), Nitro 50cc LC (before 1999), Nitro 100cc 2-stroke, Nitro Naked 50cc LC, Nitro Naked 50cc LC (after 2013), Ovetto 50cc AC 2008, Ovetto 50cc AC before 2008, Ovetto 100cc 2-stroke, Skycruiser 125cc 4-stroke LC, Skyliner 125cc 4-stroke LC, Skyliner 150cc 4-stroke LC, Skyliner 250cc 4-stroke LC, Sorriso 50cc AC (after 1996), Stunt 50cc AC, Stunt 50cc AC CAT (after 2004), Stunt Naked 50cc AC, Thunder 125cc 4-stroke LC, Thunder 150cc 4-stroke LC, X-Power 50cc (AM6) - (before 2003)

Ecobike 50cc 4-stroke

Centro 50cc (until 2008) (Minarelli-engine), Centro 50cc 4-stroke (after 2009), Centro 50cc AC, Ciak 50cc (4 stroke), Ciak 50cc AC, Ciak 100cc 2-stroke, Ciak Master 125cc 4-stroke, Ciak Master 250cc 4-stroke, Crosser 50cc AC - Morini, DVD 50cc 4-stroke, Drakon Naked 50cc (AM6), F10 CAT 50cc AC (after 1999), F10 Jet Line 50cc AC (before 1999), F10 Wap 50cc (CPI after 2008), F10 Wap 50cc AC (after 2004), F12 Phantom 50cc AC, F12 Phantom 50cc AC (CPI after 2007), F12 Phantom 50cc AC (after 2004), F12 Phantom 50cc LC, F12 Phantom 50cc LC (after 2004), F12 Phantom 100cc 2-stroke, F12 Phantom R 50cc AC, F12 Phantom R 50cc LC, F15 Firefox 50cc AC (after 2004), F15 Firefox 50cc LC, F18 Warrior 125cc 4-stroke LC, F18 Warrior 150cc 4-stroke LC, Madison 125cc 4-stroke LC (Yamaha), Madison 150cc 4-stroke LC (Yamaha), Madison 250 i.e. (Piaggio-engine), Madison 250cc 4-stroke LC (Yamaha), Madison K 400cc 4-stroke LC, Madison RS 250cc i.e. 4 stroke (PIAGGIO M237M), Password 250cc 4-stroke LC, Phantom Max 125cc 4-stroke LC (YAMAHA), Phantom Max 200cc 4-stroke LC (PIAGGIO), Phantom Max 250cc 4-stroke LC (PIAGGIO M361M), Spidermax GT 500cc LC (after 2005/2004) - 4-stroke, Spidermax GT 500cc LC (before 2005/2004) - 4-stroke, XSM Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (after 2003), Yesterday 50cc AC

Mini Moto LC

MSM50QT 50cc

City Spider 50cc 4-stroke, Desire Race 50cc 2-stroke, Force Racing 50cc 2-stroke, High Power 50cc 4-stroke, Racing Power 50cc 2-stroke, Speed Racer 50cc 4-stroke, Street Race 50cc 4-stroke, Super Power 50cc 4-stroke

Roma 50

Moto Bi
Imola RS 50cc, Imola SE 50cc, Modena 50cc, Pesaro Replica 50cc, Pesaro SS 50cc, Remini 50cc 4-stroke, Siena 50cc 4-stroke

Moto Zeta
Rally 50cc 4-stroke

MF50QT-2 50cc 4-stroke, MF50QT-7 50cc 4-stroke, MF50QT 50cc 2-stroke

Roadster 50cc 2-stroke

Furia Max Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular), RX Super Racing 50cc (AM6)

City Hooper 50cc 2-stroke, City Hooper 50cc 4-stroke, Clea 50cc 4-stroke, Cobi 50cc 4-stroke, Desire 50cc (BT49QT-12) 4-stroke, Hawk 50cc 4-stroke, Polly 50cc 2-stroke, Polly 50cc 4-stroke, Sprint 50cc 2-stroke, Sprint 50cc 4-stroke, Tria 50cc (4 stroke), Tria 50cc 2-stroke

Crogen City 50cc 4-stroke, Crogen RS 50cc LC 2-stroke, Crogen Sport / City 50cc AC 2-stroke, Magnet 50cc 2-stroke, Magnet RS 50cc (2 stroke), Magnet RS 50cc LC 2-stroke, Magnet Sport / City 50cc AC 2-stroke, Retrosa 50cc 4-stroke

MuZ / MZ
Anthony 50cc 2-stroke, Emmely 50cc 4-stroke, Emmely EL2-Hybrid 50cc 4-stroke, Max 50cc 2-stroke, Moskito Classico 50cc 2-stroke, Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke after 2003, Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke temps (until 2002), Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003), Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002), Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003), Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)

Big Max 50cc AC, G-Max 50cc AC, G-Max 125cc 4-stroke Carb., G-Max 150cc 4-stroke Carb., T-Rex 50cc AC, Tornado 50cc AC

Corona 50cc AC 2-stroke, R50X 50cc AC 2-stroke, S50 GP 50cc 4-stroke, S50 LX 50cc 4-stroke, Sky 50cc Express, Sky I 50cc AC, Sky II 50cc

Buxy 50cc AC, Buxy M 50cc AC, Elyseo 50cc AC, Elyseo 100cc AC (before 1999) 2-stroke, Elyseo 100cc AC CAT (after 1999) 2-stroke, Elyseo 125cc 4-stroke LC, Elyseo 150cc 4-stroke LC, Elystar 50cc AC, Elystar 50cc TSDI, Elystar 125cc 4-stroke LC, Geopolis 125cc 4 temps LC (Supercharger), Geopolis 125cc LC - 4-stroke, Geopolis 250cc LC - 4-stroke, Geopolis 400cc, Geopolis 500cc 4-stroke LC, Gipsy 50cc, Jet Force 125cc 4-stroke LC , Jet Force 125cc 4-stroke LC (Supercharger), Jetforce C-Tech 50cc LC, Jetforce TSDI 50cc LC, Kisbee 50cc 4-stroke, Kisbee 50cc AC 2-stroke, Kisbee RS 50cc 2-stroke AC, Kisbee RS 50cc 4-stroke, Looxor 50cc AC, Looxor 125cc 4-stroke LC, Looxor TSDI 50cc AC, Ludix 2 Blaster R-Cup 50cc LC, Ludix 2 Blaster RS 50cc LC 12 inch, Ludix 2 One 50cc AC, Ludix 2 Snake 50 AC, Ludix 2 Trend 50 AC, Ludix Blaster 50cc LC, Ludix Classic 50cc AC, Ludix Elegance 50cc AC, Ludix One 50cc AC, Ludix Radical 50cc LC, Ludix Snake 50cc AC, Ludix Trend 50cc AC, Metal-X 50cc, Rapido 50cc, SC Metropolis 50cc AC, ST 50cc AC, SV 250 4-stroke LC, SV Geo 50cc AC, Satelis 125cc 4-stroke LC (Carb.), Satelis 125cc 4-stroke LC euro3 (Supercharger FD6S), Satelis 250cc 4-stroke LC euro3, Satelis 400cc 4-stroke LC euro3, Satelis 500cc 4-stroke LC euro3, Speedake 50cc AC, Speedfight 2 50cc AC, Speedfight 2 50cc AC (after 2004) - (Euro 2), Speedfight 2 50cc AC - 307 WRC (Euro 2), Speedfight 2 50cc LC, Speedfight 2 50cc LC (after 2004) - (Euro 2 ), Speedfight 2 50cc LC - 307 WRC (Euro 2), Speedfight 3 50cc 4-stroke, Speedfight 3 50cc AC, Speedfight 3 50cc LC, Speedfight 4 50cc AC, Speedfight 4 50cc LC, Speedfight 50cc AC, Speedfight 50cc LC, Speedfight 100cc 2-stroke (after 99), Speedfight 100cc 2-stroke (before 1999), Splinter 50cc AC, Squab 50cc AC, Sum-up 125cc, TKR 50cc AC, TKR 50cc AC - 307 WRC (Euro 2), TKR 50cc AC - Furious (Euro 2), Trekker 50cc AC, Trekker 100cc AC (before 09/1999) - 2-stroke, Trekker 100cc AC CAT - 2-stroke, V-Clic 50cc - 4-stroke, Vivacity 50cc (before 2008, vertical AC), Vivacity 100cc AC (before 09/1999) - 2-stroke, Vivacity 100cc AC CAT - 2-stroke, Vivacity New 50cc 4-stroke, Vivacity New 50cc AC (after 2008), X-Fight 100cc 2-stroke, XP6-Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular), XR6 50cc (AM6), Zenith 50cc AC

Beverly 200cc 4-stroke LC, Beverly 250cc LC euro1-2 (2004-2007 ZAPM285), Beverly 500cc LC (after 05/2004) - 4-stroke, Beverly 500cc LC (before 04/2005) - 4-stroke, Diesis 50cc AC, Fly 50cc 4-stroke (ZAPC442 / LBMC445), Fly 50cc 4-stroke 4-valve, Fly 50cc AC, Fly 125cc 4-stroke euro2-3 (LEADER M422M), Fly 150cc 4-stroke euro2-3 (LEADER M422M), Free 50cc AC (after 1999), Free 50cc AC (before 1999), Free 100cc 4-stroke, Hexagon 125cc 2-stroke LC, Hexagon 150cc 2-stroke LC, Hexagon 250cc 4-stroke LC, Hexagon LX4 125cc 4-stroke LC, Hexagon LX 125cc 2-stroke LC, Hexagon LXT 180cc 2-stroke LC, Liberty 50cc AC, Liberty 50cc AC - 4-stroke, Liberty 100cc 4-stroke, Liberty 125-150cc AC (LEADER) 4-stroke, Liberty 125cc 4-stroke, Liberty 200cc AC - 4-stroke, MP3 125cc, NRG 50cc LC, NRG Power DD 50 (after 2005), NRG Power DT 50cc AC (after 2005), NRG Power PureJet 50cc LC (after 2005), NRG mc2 50cc LC (after 1998), NRG mc2 50cc LC (before 1998), NRG mc2 DD 50cc LC (after 1998), NRG mc2 Extreme 50cc AC, NRG mc2 Extreme 50cc LC, NRG mc3 DD 50cc LC CAT, NRG mc3 DT 50cc AC CAT, NRG mc3 PureJet 50cc LC, NTT 50cc LC, Quartz 50cc LC, SKR 125-150cc AC - 2-stroke, Sfera 1st series 50cc AC (1991 - 1994), Sfera NSL 50cc AC, Sfera RST 50cc AC, Skipper 125cc 2-stroke, Skipper 150cc 2-stroke, Skipper LX 125cc 2-stroke, Skipper LXT 150cc 2-stroke, Skipper ST 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Skipper ST 150cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Storm 50cc AC, Super Hexagon GTX 125cc 4-stroke LC, Super Hexagon GTX 180cc 4-stroke LC, Typhoon (TPH) 50cc AC (after 2010), Typhoon (TPH) 50cc AC (before 2010), Typhoon (TPH) 125cc AC (before 1998) - 2-stroke, Typhoon X (TPH) 125cc AC - 2-stroke, Typhoon X (TPH X) 50cc AC (before 2010), Vespa S 50cc 2-stroke AC, Vespa S 50cc 4-stroke 4V after '08 (ZAPC386), X8 125cc LC - 4-stroke, X8 200cc 4-stroke LC, X8 250cc 4-stroke LC Euro 2, X8 250cc i.e. euro3 (QUASAR), X9 125cc 4-stroke LC, X9 180cc 4-stroke LC AMALFI, X9 200cc 4-stroke LC, X9 250cc 4-stroke LC (HONDA), X9 Evolution 250cc 4-stroke LC (M237M), X9 Evolution 500cc i.e. (after 05/2005), X9 Evolution 500cc i.e. (before 05/2005), Zip 1st series 50cc AC (1991 - 1994), Zip 2 50cc AC 4-stroke, Zip 2 50cc AC CAT (after 1999), Zip 2 SP 50cc LC, Zip 125cc 4-stroke (LEADER), Zip Base 50cc AC (after 1999), Zip Base 50cc AC (before 1999), Zip FastRider 50cc AC, Zip SP 50cc LC, Zip SSL 25 (after 1999), Zip SSL 25 (before 1999)

Pocketbike 40cc AC, Pocketbike 40cc LC, Pocketbike 50cc AC, Pocketbike 50cc LC

910 Carena AC 4.2 cv, 910 Carena AC 6.2 cv, 910 Carena LC 6.2 cv, 910 GP3 Junior, 910 GP3 Reverse 6.2 cv, 910 GP3 Reverse 13 cv, 911 AC 6.2 cv, 911 GP/R 9.5 cv, 911 GP/R 11.2 cv, 911 GP2 12 cv, 911 GP3 Reverse 6.2 cv, 911 GP3 Reverse 14.0 cv, 911 LC 6.2 cv, 911 Route 6.2 cv, Dirt Road 6.2 cv, Dirt Road Base 4.2 cv, GP 2 Steel AC 4.2 cv, GP 2 Steel LC 6.2 cv, GP 2 Steel LC 11cv, Replica Team Movistar 11 cv, Scooterino 4.2 cv, Scooterino 6.2 cv

Powersports Factory
Viaggio RX8 50cc 2-stroke

Angle 50cc, Armor 50cc, Beyond 50cc, Juliet 50cc 4-stroke, La Vida 50cc 4-stroke, Road Star 50cc, Romeo 50cc 4-stroke, Songbird 50cc, Valentine 50cc

B-05 50cc 2-stroke, B-08 50cc 2-stroke

Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)
Fire Storm 50cc [QM50T-10A D], Koala 50cc [QM50QT-6D], QM50QT 50cc 4-stroke, QM50QT 50cc 4-stroke (V-Clic)

REX (Jinan Qingqi, Shenke)
Capriolo 50cc AC 4-stroke, Escape 50cc AC, Off Limit 50cc, RS 400 50cc 4-stroke, RS 450 50cc 4-stroke (QM50QT-6A), RS 460 50cc 4-stroke, RS 500 50cc 4-stroke QM50QT-6A(A), RS 600 50cc 4-stroke, RS 700 50cc 4-stroke, RS 750 50cc 4-stroke, RS 900 50cc 4-strokeQM50T-10A(A), Rex 50cc 2-stroke AC (MK50), Rexy 50cc 2-stroke AC (MK50), Silverstreet 50cc AC

Flash 50cc 4-stroke

FULLTIME 125 4-stroke (LEADER)

GTX 50

MRX Enduro 50cc Pro (AM6), MRX Euduro 50cc (AM6), Paseo 50cc 4-stroke, RR Enduro 50cc (AM6), RS-1 Evolution 50cc (AM6), RS2 Matrix 50cc (AM6), RS2 NKD 50cc (AM6), SMX SM 50cc (AM6), Spike 2 50cc (AM6), Toreo 50cc 4-stroke

GP 50cc, Linos 50cc, Phoenix 50cc, Phoenix II 50cc, Racing 50cc, SP2 50cc, SP54 50cc 4-stroke, Toscana 50cc 4-stroke, VR 50cc, XR 50cc

MC 50cc 4-stroke, Maui 50cc 4-stroke (MC-08)

SYM (Sanyang)
Basix 50cc AC, DD 50cc AC, Euro MX 125cc 4-stroke, Fancy 50cc 2-stroke AC (F5L3), Fiddle 50cc AC 2 stroke, Flash / Free 50cc AC (F5A), HD 125cc before 2006 (LH12W-6), HD Evo 200cc ie (LH18W7), Jet 50cc 2-stroke before 2000, Jet 50cc AC (BL05W), Jet BasiX 50cc '08 - '12 (BL05W), Jet Euro X 50cc AC 06-12 (BL05W), Jet R SportX 50cc ' 07 - '13 (BK05W-6), Jet SR SportX 50cc '07 - '13 (BK05W2-6), Joyride 125cc before 2007 (LA12W), Jungle 50cc AC (GA05W-6), Mask 50cc 2-stroke AC before 2000, Mask 50cc AC , Mio 50cc AC, RS Shark 50cc AC, Red Devil 50cc 2-stroke AC before 2000, Red Devil 50cc AC, Super Duke 150cc 4-stroke LC, Super Fancy 50cc AC

49er 50cc AC - 4-stroke (FY50QT-5), Bee 50cc, Bee 125cc, Eagle 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm), Eagle 125cc, Madass 50cc AC, SX1 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm), Speedforce R 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm), Speedjet 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm), Speedjet R 50cc AC

Hope 50cc 4-stroke, Laguna 50cc 4-stroke, Newport 50cc 4-stroke

Enduro 50cc (AM6), Enduro SHARK 50cc (AM6), HRD Enduro 50cc (AM6), Supermotard 50cc (AM6), Supermotard Champion Replica 50cc (AM6), Supermotard IPONE Replica 50cc (AM6), Supermotard Shark 50cc (AM6)

Basic 50cc 2-stroke, Basic 50cc 4-stroke, Eagle 50cc 2-stroke, Excatly 50cc 2-stroke, GR8 50cc 2-stroke, Grido 50cc 2-stroke, Grizzy 50cc 2-stroke, Hawk 50cc 2-stroke, MaxX 50cc 2-stroke, Phantom 50cc 2-stroke, Sport 50cc 4-stroke

Access 50cc LC

Dolphin 50cc 4-stroke, Dragonfly 50cc 4-stroke, Roma 50cc 4-stroke (SK50QT-9), Sprint-10 50cc 4-stroke (SK50QT-A), Sprint-12 50cc 4-stroke (SK50QT-B), Venus 50cc 4-stroke, Viper 50cc 4-stroke

SL50QT-2 50cc 4-stroke

AP 50cc AC, Address 50cc AC, Address 100cc 2-stroke, Burgman 125cc UH Carb., Burgman 150cc UH Carb., Burgman 250cc AN, Burgman 400cc AN carb. until 2003, Burgman 400cc i.e. AN K429 2003-2006, Burgman 650cc i.e. AN, Epicuro 125cc 4-stroke LC, Epicuro 150cc 4-stroke LC, Estilete 50cc AC, Katana 50cc AC (after 1999), Katana 50cc AC (before 1999), Katana 50cc LC (after 1999), Katana 50cc LC (before 1999), Katana 50cc i.e LC - Moteur Di-Tech, Sepia 50cc 2-stroke AC, Street Magic 50cc AC, Zillion 50cc LC (after 1999), Zillion 50cc LC (before 1999)

101R 50cc 2-stroke AC, 101S 50cc 2-stroke AC, 203 50cc 2-stroke AC, 303R 50cc 2-stroke AC, Acros Tec 50cc 2-stroke AC, Bullet 2.0 50cc, Bullet Basic 50cc, Bullet RR 50cc, Bullet RS 50cc, Corona 50cc AC, Delivery, Express, F409 50cc 2-stroke AC, Hawk 50cc, Laser 50cc, Meteorit 50cc AC, R50X 50cc 2-stroke AC, Sky 50cc AC, Sky II 50cc, Tapo 50cc, Tapo RR 50cc, Tapo RS 50cc, Xrace 50

LS49 50cc 2-stroke, Low Boy 50cc 4-stroke, SS49 50cc 2-stroke, Venice 49 50cc 2-stroke

Classic 50cc 2-stroke, Econo 50cc 4-stroke, Urban 50cc 4-stroke, Viaggio 50cc 4-stroke

Brio 50cc 4-stroke, Brisa 50cc 4-stroke, Capri 50cc 2-stroke, Capri 50cc 4-stroke, Corona 50cc 4-stroke, Cubana 50cc 2-stroke, Cubana 50cc 4-stroke, Fiera 50cc 2-stroke, Fuego 50cc 2-stroke, Mambo 50cc 2-stroke, Mistral 50cc 2-stroke, Movida 50cc 2-stroke, Samba 50cc 2-stroke, Strada 50cc 2-stroke, Torero 50cc 4-stroke

Triton 50cc 2-stroke, ZIP 50cc 2-stroke

ET2 50cc AC ZAPC 16000, ET2 50cc AC after 2000 ZAPC38100, ET4 50cc AC 4T AC ZAPC26, ET4 125cc 4T AC 96 - 99 ZAPM04000, ET4 125cc 4T AC after 00 ZAPM19000, ET4 150cc 4-stroke AC 96 - 99 ZAPM04000, ET4 150cc 4T AC after 00 ZAPM19000, GT L 125cc 4T LC ZAPM31101, GT L 200cc 4T LC after 03 ZAPM31200, GTS 250cc 4T LC i.e. 05 - 13 ZAPM45100, LX 50cc 4-stroke 4V AC, LX 50cc AC - 2-stroke, LX 125cc 4T AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44100, LX 150cc 4-stroke AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44400, LXV 50cc 2-stroke AC, S 50cc 2T AC after 07, S 50cc 4T AC 4V after 10 ZAPC38901

Fabius 50cc [WY50QT-16A], Maple II 50cc [WY50QT-86], T-Star 50cc [WY50QT-97], Tulanoo 50cc [WY50QT-2], WY50QT 50cc 4-stroke

Wild Eagle
Level 100 50cc 4-stroke

TXM50 50cc 4-stroke, XL50QT 4 stroke

Xintian (Kinroad)
XT50QT 4-stroke

Aerox 50cc LC (after 1999), Aerox 50cc LC (before 1999), Aerox 50cc LC CAT (after 2003), Aerox 100cc 2-stroke, Aerox Naked 50cc LC (after 2013) , Aerox R 50cc LC (after 2013), Axis 50cc AC, BW'S 100 2-stroke, BW's 50cc AC, BW's 50cc AC (after 2004), BW's Bump 50cc AC, BW's NG 50cc AC (after 1999), BW's NG 50cc AC (before 1999), Breeze 50cc AC, Cygnus X 125cc 4-stroke 04-07, Cygnus X 125cc i.e. after 2008, DTR Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular), Jog 50cc AC, Jog R 50cc AC, Majesty 125cc 4-stroke LC (YP125R), Majesty 150cc 4-stroke LC, Majesty 250cc 4-stroke LC (YP250), Majesty 400cc 4-stroke LC (H317E), Maxster 125cc 4-stroke LC, Maxster 150cc 4-stroke LC, Neo's 50cc AC 2008, Neo's 50cc AC before 2008, Neo's 100cc 2-stroke, Slider 50cc AC (before 2004), Slider 50cc AC CAT (after 2004), Spy 50cc , T-Max 500cc, T-Max 500cc i.e. 4 temps LC (5VU) after 2004, TZR 50cc (AM6) - (before 2003), Target 50cc, Teo's 125cc 4-stroke LC, Teo's 150cc 4-stroke LC, Versity 300cc 4-stroke LC XC (H314E), Why 125cc, X-Max 125cc 4-stroke LC, X-Max 250cc 4-stroke LC, Zest YE 50cc AC, Zuma 50cc AC, Zuma II 50cc AC

RX8 50cc 2-stroke

HT50QT 50cc 4-stroke

Aurora 2 50cc [ZN50QT-E3], Aurora 50cc [ZN50QT-E3], Aurora 50cc [ZN50QT-E], Bob 50cc [ZN50QT-25F] (2-stroke), Bobby 50cc [ZN50QT-25C] (2-stroke), Bomb 50cc [ZN50QT-25A] (2-stroke), Eyas 50cc [ZN50QT-25D] (2-stroke), Falcon 2 50cc [N50QT-7A] (2-stroke), Falcon 3 50cc [ZN50QT-7B] (2-stroke), Falcon 4 50cc [ZN50QT-7C] (2-stroke), Falcon 5 50cc [ZN50QT-7D] (2-stroke), Falcon 6 50cc [ZN50QT-7E], Fly 50cc [ZN50QT-20], Kangaroo 50cc [ZN50QT-12], King 50cc [ZN50QT-19C] (2-stroke), Legend 50cc [ZN50QT-E5], Owl 50cc [ZN50QT-25E] (2-stroke), Q 50cc [ZN50QT-11D], Revival 50cc [ZN50QT-D], Snail 50cc [ZN50QT-A] (2-stroke), Snail 50cc [ZN50QT-B] (4-stroke), Sun 2 50cc [ZN50QT-11C] (2-stroke), Sun 2 50cc [ZN50QT-11] (4-stroke), Sun 50cc [ZN50QT-11C] (2-stroke), Sun 50cc [ZN50QT-11] (4-stroke), Wacky 50cc [ZN50QT-25] (2-stroke), ZN50QT 50cc 2-stroke, ZN50QT 50cc 4-stroke

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